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Like Jesus Christ, Let’s also have a Passion for the Integrity of God’s House


Today is tagged as “Holy Monday,” which is the second day in the Holy Week that chronicles the events that led to the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ. One event that I would like to highlight is the “clearing (cleansing) of the temple.” When Jesus drove out the money changers from the temple, it served to acknowledge that there is no longer a need for animal sacrifices to atone for our sins. Yes, Jesus Christ, became the sacrificial lamb, taking on the sins of humanity. In other words, His actions in the temple on that day served to openly acknowledge that the debt was His to pay; and through Him, we are reconciled back to God.

However, beyond establishing that He came in order to be our atonement, Jesus also wanted to stress the importance of treating the House of God with respect, indicating that it is to be a house of prayer. In other words, it is intended to be a meeting place where we come together in a multicultural and multigenerational fashion to commune with Him through worship so that collectively we can experience the joy of His presence.

Therefore, like Jesus, let us also have a passion for the integrity of God’s house.

(Mark 11:15-17: John 1:29; I Peter 3:18; 1 John 2:2; Psalm 16:11)

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