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From Misfortune to Miracle: God Works Everything out for our Good

I don’t know of a single human being that would say that they look forward to disappointments and mishaps. It is natural to experience ill emotions when such circumstances present in our lives. If we are being honest, we would rather avoid them.

However, after shedding a few tears and taking a few deep breaths, we ought to regroup mentally, realizing that God has everything under control. Therefore, rather than focusing on the pain and the anxiety that resulted, place the matter in His hands and trust Him to make good of a bad situation.

While I could offer up examples from my life, I think about the disappointment that Jesus experienced by ways of the kiss of betrayal spoken of in the gospels. While we may question the how and why behind Judas Iscariot’s disrespect of Jesus, the event led up to His persecution, crucifixion, and resurrection, all of which gave way to God’s redemption plan for humanity.

Furthermore, victory was achieved in the redemption story; and it also does well to drive home the point that what the enemy meant for evil, God will turn it around and work it out for our good. As believers, we are eternally grateful for that.

(Matthew 26:14-16,23-25; Luke 22:3-6; Genesis 50:20)

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