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Even unto Death Jesus Responded in Love


As prophesied, Jesus Christ, our Lord, was crucified, died, and was buried. Now the average person could have exhibited bitterness if subjected to what our Lord and Savior endured. If there ever was an opportunity for Jesus to call it quits or thrown in the towel, this was it.

Needless to say, Jesus Christ maintained His integrity and responded in love. Despite the evil deeds done against Him, Jesus pleads for forgiveness for “his haters.” Oh what a loving Savior He is! And if we ponder the moment of his death, nature helps to tell the story. In fact, scripture reveals to us that “darkness came over the land and the sun stopped shining.” This darkness serves to symbolize that in that instance He became our propitiation, taking on the iniquities of humanity. It is for this reason, from the cross, Jesus says, “It is finished.” It serves as an acknowledgement that He accomplished His assignment, reconciling humanity back to God.

However, as somber as the moment may have been, as believers, we know that this speaks of good news for us. How so? Quite simply, with this sacrificial assignment completed, Jesus, our Great High Priest, grants us direct access to God. Hallelujah!

Furthermore, the curtain of the Holy of Holies within the temple tore as acknowledgement of this truth. However, in order to benefit from this truth and make it a reality for our lives, we must enter into relationship with Jesus Christ and acknowledge Him as our Lord and Savior.  Therefore, if you do not know Him, I encourage you to give Him your heart and life so that you too can access the fullness of God.

(Luke 23:24, 44-45; I Peter 3:18; Hebrews 10:19-22; John 14:6)

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