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“After this, Jesus, knowing that things were now accomplished, that the Scripture might be fulfilled, said, ‘I thirst!’” -John 19:28 NKJV


Jesus is hanging from a cross, after losing so much blood that He barely made it up Golgotha's hill. He is raised high so that all may see Him and His shame. He has forgiven those who have transgressed against Him, ministered to those in close proximity, and experienced the loss and turning away of the essence of God. Dripping with blood as His fluids drain from His body, He says that He is thirsty. This is the man Who once told a woman at the well that you will never thirst again if you drink the water I give. This was a man Who was believed to be a well Himself, and now He is thirsty. If Jesus is our example, then every believer can identify with being a well for so many. We were the one the others depended on. We can identify with being the one that was full of life, always having an encouraging Word for others. We can identify with being the one who has helped countless others. Yet, we can also identify with the transition of being a well to being thirsty. From the example of Jesus, recognize that it is understandable to be thirsty sometimes. You may not always have the answer or means. You may need someone to give you a word of encouragement. 


Jesus was saving the world and was still thirsty. Your thirst does not make you less equipped for your assignment. As a matter of fact, your thirst may propel your assignment. When Jesus mentioned that He was thirsty, He was given vinegar, a blood thinner. He was given aide to His assignment. Vinegar is bitter, and many of us would not drink vinegar for pleasure. Some would even consider it cruel that someone would give a dying man vinegar instead of water. The perspective of cruelty is seen by those who have not looked through the lens of your assignment. When looking through the lens of your assignment, what once seemed cruel is now seen as your catalyst. Today, change your perspective! Observe your life through the lens of your assignment.

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