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Lead Vocal

Our lead vocalist is responsible for all aspects musical worship. The vocalist has the vital role inviting and leading Refreshing Spring Church’s members and friends into the presence of the Lord.

The Lead Vocal should understand the vision of Refreshing Spring Church and support it. He/She must be a person that is dedicated to supernatural encounters, discerns atmospheres, and understands how to control atmospheres in the spirit.

Essential Responsibilities

  • Select music for Refreshing Spring Church worship services in line with the our weekly worship.

  • Communicate music arrangements with band, other singers, and the media team.

  • Communicate assignments in a timely manner

  • Communicate equipment needs with the Senior Pastor

  • Conduct trainings to improve the sound and effectiveness of the band

  • Lead songs vocally during the worship services

  • Lead and guide the congregation into worship

  • Manage the flow of worship

  • Recruit and develop volunteer group to Support worship team responsibilities

  • Assist in the recruitment of musicians

  • Ensure band is fully staffed on Sunday mornings for worship sets

  • Demonstrate versatility in music

Essential Skills

  • Able to sing solo and with others

  • Must have solid relationship or building a relationship with Christ

  • Must be familiar with multiple music styles, including but not limited to CCM, traditional gospel, hymns, etc.

  • Must have experience leading worship in a congregation

  • Able to harmonize or blend with other singers by hearing the appropriate keys

  • Able to teach harmonic parts to others

  • Able to replicate melody by ear

  • Must be versatile in his or her ability to perform different music styles

  • Must be flexible to make changes to style and performance by instruction

  • Must have high skill and passion for a multicultural and multigenerational ministry like that of RSC.

Desired Skills

  • Fluent in English and Spanish

Work Hours

  • Sundays 9:30am - 12:30pm ET

Position Location

  • 10607 Montgomery Road, Beltsville, MD 20705


  • $75 per week

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