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Spanish Interpreter

Our Spanish Interpreter is responsible for all aspects of communications English to Spanish. The interpreter has the vital role bringing the gospel and experience of Jesus Christ to each Spanish-speaking member and/or guest of Refreshing Spring Church.

The Spanish interpreter should understand the vision of Refreshing Spring Church and support it. He/She must be well-versed in a variety of cultures as certain colloquialisms may be used and will need to be translated in a manner that is conducive to the hearer/reader. 

Essential Responsibilities

  • Interprets for all speakers during the services, including but not limited to worship leaders, preachers, and service coordinators

  • Interprets permitted letters for specific services the pastor or other leaders are offering the members and/or guests of RSC

  • Interprets flyers for publications

  • Interprets conversations for private meetings between leaders and parishioners.

  • Must be comfortable speaking in front of people

  • Must be able to interpret the connotation of an expression, if the direct translation does not make sense to the Hispanic community

  • Must be able to emulate the same energy and passion as the current speaker.

  • Other duties as assigned

Essential Skills

  • Must speak Spanish and English fluently.

  • Must be versed in Scripture

  • Must have solid relationship or building a relationship with Christ

  • Must have willing attitude of Christian Service to their position and its responsibility

  • Must exercise and demonstrate good oral and written communication skills

  • Must know or be willing to learn how to use office equipment, including but not limited to the computer and the Microsoft Suite

  • Must be detail-oriented

  • Must be able to demonstrate discretion (as you may handle proprietary or confidential information)

  • Must be able to work with different types of personalities

Desired Skills

  • Well-versed in Scripture in English and Spanish

  • Able to sing in Spanish and/or English

Work Hours

  • Sundays 9:30am - 12:30pm ET

Position Location

  • 10607 Montgomery Road, Beltsville, MD 20705


  • $75 per week

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